Gov. Cuomo: Latest NY antibody testing results show 12.3% rate of infection

Another 299 lives were lost to COVID-19 in New York on May 1, up slightly from the day before by 10.

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May 2, 2020, 1:18 PM

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Gov. Cuomo: Latest NY antibody testing results show 12.3% rate of infection
Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave an update with the latest on the coronavirus pandemic in New York Saturday morning as he visited an MTA maintenance facility in Corona, Queens.

-The governor says we continue to be in "unchartered waters," but says we're not going to "proceed blindly" and will use data to decide what's next.
-Cuomo says hospitalizations are down "a tick," and says intubations and new COVID infections are also down.
-Another 299 lives were lost on May 1, up slightly from the day before by about 10. Cuomo says that number is "obnoxiously and terribly high" still.
-Cuomo says New York has completed the largest antibody survey in the nation to discover the rate of infection among New Yorkers, with 15,103 tested so far. The updated results show a 12.3% rate of infection, -- the total is down slightly from previous rates with smaller sample size. Cuomo says it's a good sign.
-The antibody results show that the infections were slightly higher among males than females, and he says New York City overall had the highest rate with 19.9% infection rate -- the Bronx was highest among the city. Cuomo says more research is needed to determine why the Bronx is higher than other boroughs.
-Cuomo says research is needed to determine how the new cases that are coming in each day are getting infected.
-The governor says New York is distributing 7 million cloth face masks to underserved communities, and is also giving $25 million to food banks. But he's calling on philanthropies to step up and help funding food banks.
-The governor detailed antibody testing underway of transit workers and other front-line workers.
-Cuomo also detailed how the MTA is keeping equipment clean by shutting its system down overnight for disinfecting every night. "The MTA is going to literally disinfect every train," Cuomo says, adding that it's smart but "labor intensive." He was briefed on the process during a tour of the MTA's Corona maintenance facility today.
-Cuomo notes reports that say the virus can survive for 2-3 days on surfaces like stainless steel, and notes the implications of that on MTA equipment. Cuomo says we need the system clean and safe for the front-line workers who need to ride trains and buses to get to work.
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