Gov. Hochul, fellow governors announce collaboration to detect, deter gun crimes

Gov. Kathy Hochul is working with neighboring state leaders to combat gun violence and help get guns off the street.
Hochul on Thursday announced a collaboration with other state governors in the Northeast looking to crack down on guns by sharing crime gun data to improve safety for all.
"I believe this is going to give us and our law enforcement entities in each of our states the tolls we need to be able to trace guns that are coming from other states to understand when a crime has been committed," said Hochul. “We share information with our neighboring states if someone is on the run. Where are the guns coming from, how are they getting on our streets and why is there such a disproportionate impact of young people in communities of color who are becoming victims of gun violence.”
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont believes this method can change things for the better.

“We can track that gun back, see where it originated from, see what commonality there is and find the big guns that are pushing these out on the street,” he said. “Despite our best efforts, despite our best gun safety laws... we have more damn guns on the street than ever before."
Gov. Hochul told News 12 that this model, if it works, could become one the rest of the U.S. could use to tackle an ongoing crisis.