Goya Foods helps provide aid for natural disaster victims

News 12 marked Hispanic Heritage Month with a visit to Goya Foods to learn more about its philanthropic arm.
Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, has a philanthropic branch that helps victims of natural disasters.
That branch is known as Goya Gives. Over the years, it has provided relief and supports nearly 300 organizations each year.
“Goya has always been family. We always call ourselves ‘Goya family’. As people come to this family and they're displaced, we're always there with a helping hand. When disasters hit, we like to be there to lend a helping hand because we can. Right now, Puerto Rico has been devastated by Fiona, and we're there. During Maria and Irma, aid FEMA could not get into the island for quite a while. But as soon as we could stand, we started delivering food to the island,” said Robert Unanue, President and CEO of GOYA Foods.