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Gravesend grandma says health is worsening in mold-ridden apartment

The grandmother is concerned because of her health issues.

News 12 Staff

Oct 8, 2021, 11:51 PM

Updated 1,014 days ago


A Brooklyn grandma says she's disappointed because NYCHA hasn't fixed an ongoing mold issue in her apartment. 
Mary Rodriguez, a Marlboro Houses tenant in Gravesend, says the mold has taken over her bathroom and that falling plaster in her hallway impacts her quality of life. 
"They came and fixed it last year and then, boom -- it's right back," said Rodriguez.
The grandmother is concerned because of her health issues. 
Rodriguez said, "I just found out that I have my second brain tumor and I have a lot of asthma, breathing all this stuff."
To make matters worse, she says she is missing out on spending quality time with her grandchildren because of the mold. She says they don't come over as often as she would like because of the problem. 
"Once you have a grandchild that's 2 who's curious and likes touching things, I have to make sure that they go in the bathroom without touching the mold. Once they get it on their fingers they're going to put it in their mouth, and that's it."
An NYCHA spokesperson said, "NYCHA plumbers visited this apartment today and were unable to locate the leak affecting this apartment due to coordination with the resident in an upper floor, where the leak is originating." 
The longtime tenant has put in work tickets as NYCHA recommends. She's hopeful it will all be fixed soon. 
"We shouldn't have to live in these conditions," says Rodriguez.
​​​NYCHA says it plans to locate the leak with plumbers returning next week. A spokesperson tells News 12 that they will monitor the situation until repairs are completed. 

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