Haitian cousins honor their culture with Caribbean-fusion restaurant in Stamford

A Caribbean restaurant in Stamford says they honor Black History Month for all months of the year.
Smith St. Juste and Peter Medoit are cousins from Haiti and the owners of La Perle Restaurant in Stamford.
Through a modern and contemporary space on Bank Street, the cousins say they transform the way you see Caribbean food.
"There weren't any restaurants like this before, especially a Caribbean-fusion restaurant," says St. Juste. "A lot of times people will look at a Caribbean restaurant and think it's a hole in the wall, and that's not what we're about."
The owners say whether it's Black History Month or not, their Haitian culture is always celebrated through their food.
"Focusing on Black History Month with what we're providing, with cultural food from our culture," Medoit says. "We're always doing things to highlight our culture."
The owners say their customers have supported their Caribbean-fusion mission from the start.
"I think Stamford is really a melting pot, so many ethnicities and so diverse, we're just adding a little piece to the pot that's already been blossoming here," St. Juste says.
La Perle is operating at half capacity for indoor dining and is also doing curbside pickup.