Harlem shooting marks 6th police-involved shooting in NYC of 2022

The shooting of two officers in Harlem on Friday is the latest in a string of police-involved shootings that occurred less than a month into the new year—but the first where an officer lost his life.
NYPD officer Jason Rivera was killed in the shooting on Friday night, while Wilber Mora remains in critical condition. This was the sixth police-involved shooting in the city since the start of the new year.
The first known shooting was in Manhattan on Jan. 2, where an officer was shot in the head while sleeping in his car in between shifts.
Two days after, officers were involved in a shootout during a robbery in Brooklyn.
Another police officer is still recovering after he was shot in the leg by a 14-year-old on Jan. 19.
The next day, officers exchanged fire with a suspect who ended up in the Bronx River and later died from his injuries.
Mayor Eric Adams spoke out about the violence and called on the federal government to help control the import of guns into the city.
"Let me be clear, there are no gun manufacturers in New York City.  We don't make guns here,” he said. “How are we removing thousands of guns off the streets, and they still find their way here, in the hands of people who are killers?”