Heading to Casa Amadeo, one of the oldest music shops in New York City

News 12's Elly Morillo headed to Casa Amadeo, a music staple in the Bronx, to learn about the hidden gem of the borough.

Elly Morillo and

News 12 Staff

Apr 4, 2024, 4:38 PM

Updated 47 days ago


For many, CDs and CD players are relics of a bygone era - but not for one of the oldest music shops in New York City.
Casa Amadeo opened its doors in 1941 with visitors from all over the world, according to owner Miguel Angel Amadeo.
Amadeo says he doesn't remember a time where music hasn't been the center of his life, something inspired by his father. Amadeo's father was a composer for decades before his death in the 1960s, Amadeo tells News 12.
Amadeo sayshe's grateful for all those who stop by and make each visit memorable.
"What more can I ask for?" Amadeo says.

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