Health care executive donates boxes of baby formula to nonprofit amid shortages

A local health care executive donated cans of Enfamil to a nonprofit amid the baby formula shortages.
Kew Gardens-native Jason Newman, delivered 20 boxes of Enfamil baby formula to Sisters With Purpose, Inc. to hand out during their weekly food pantry.
Sisters With Purpose, Inc has been a neighborhood staple for over eight years, helping several families and individuals through various programs and community initiatives. Their food pantry has been especially helpful handing out healthy foods to qualifying residents.
"We normally hand out baby food, and then there was a recall, and we had to send it back and it never came back," said Susie Williams, founder of Sisters With Purpose.
Amid the recent shortage of Enfamil formula, the organization has been slammed with several questions as to when they would be able to handout baby formula again.
Newman was informed of the shortage and the need in the community and decided to fill the void and help those impacted by this crisis. The 20 boxes of baby formula he donated contained nine cans in each box.
"He is so awesome. This is amazing. Now we're able to help all the moms again and make sure they're getting the correct baby formula and feeding their babies at home," said Williams.
News 12 spoke to the FDA commissioner earlier in the week. He says they are working around the clock to get shelves stocked with baby formula.