High school students learn of Holocaust survivor’s stories

A student from Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School is learning about the Holocaust through the eyes of a 95-year-old survivor.
Perry Sanders and Holocaust survivor Fred Terna have spent multiple hours together, learning about one another.
Terna explained his survival story to Sanders and several others in his class, teaching the students what is was like and what happened during wartime.
Sanders was recently cast to play a young Terna is the school Holocaust remembrance performance.
“At first I wasn’t in Fred’s group because we were just moving from survivor to survivor and jotting down their stories and getting to know what happened to them. And then when the cast was cast I was young Fred and I was very excited,” Sanders.
“I’ve learned to appreciate life more and my childhood because, I mean Fred was a little bit older when the war did start, but he still missed a lot of his later teens and early 20s, so I’m in that stage right now, of my life, so I’m learning to appreciate what I have,” says Sanders.