Hoax genital inspection letter can only mean it’s the start of ‘senior prank’ season

School officials at Bayonne High School are trying to figure the identity of a prankster who distributed a hoax letter around campus.
The letter stated that all male students would have to undergo a “penis inspection,” as part of a State of New Jersey health code.
School officials have assured parents and students that the letters are nothing more than a hoax. But it seems that now that May has begun – outgoing high school students are gearing up the time-honored tradition of the “senior prank.”
It seems that most school officials have a love-hate relationship with the tradition. Sometimes the pranks can turn out funny.
“I’m not sure what school it was, but they hired a Mariachi band to go and follow their principal around. That’s clever,” one Rutgers University student told News 12.
Other college students reminisced about taking their dogs to school or taking naps on pedestrian bridges around the school.
But sometimes the pranks may turn criminal - A student was arrested last year for riding his motorbike through the halls of Roxbury High School. About 60 Teaneck High School students were arrested in 2014 for vandalizing the school at night.
Some school started to take proactive approaches ahead of senior pranks.
“My principal was really strict and so over the years because the pranks were getting really, really bad, when we finally became seniors, he kind of cut it off and was like ‘All right, if you're going to do something it has to be approved by the faculty first,” says one Ewing High School graduate.
The Bayonne letter prank is under investigation.