Homeowner says he's been wrongfully ticketed for garbage next to his property

A new homeowner says he has been wrongfully slapped with multiple tickets for trash in front of his property that isn't his.
Arnol Garcia has lived in his Fordham house for a year and a half. He says he is being ticketed for trash left in front of an abandoned house next door.
The Spanish teacher says he took time off of work to fight two separate $100 tickets. He won't find out the outcome for at least a month. A third ticket was waiting for him when he returned home from fighting the other tickets.
The Department of Sanitation says the summons were for trash inside the gated area of Garcia's property, but conceded that their officers aren't responsible for determining if the debris came from overflowing garbage on another property. It says it has issued more than 100 violations to the abandoned property's owner over the last decade.
News 12 reached out to the owner of the abandoned house but could not get a hold of him. The Department of Buildings confirmed that the property has been unoccupied since at least 2008.
Garcia says he has also made more than eight calls to 311 complaining about stray cats and raccoons coming onto his property. He says the city finally came and put a new front door on the building last week.
He says they cleaned up the trash but he is worried the dumping will continue and so will the tickets.