Honors students at St. Raymond’s Elementary School create living wax museum

Seventh and eighth grade honors students at Saint Raymond’s Elementary School brought history to life Tuesday by turning their gymnasium in to a living wax museum.
Students were tasked with presenting a historical figure they had learned about in class for their final grade. The project included designing costumes, writing speeches, and choosing props for the museum. The students also gave tours of the museum to fellow students and staff within the school. 
From presidents, to scientists, to abolitionists, the museum featured figures from all industries to highlight the importance of these individuals and how their contributions shaped the United States.
The kids have been working on this project since April and are happy with the work they have done to provide the audience with plenty of figures to learn from.
"I am really happy with how the event has been going actually,” said one student. “We have a few amazing presenters here. Over there we have Ruby Bradley, over here we have a Viking. All different things to learn about in history.”
Lauren McClintock, the educator who originated the idea for the wax museum, said she wanted to create a new and engaging way to learn.
"I really love social studies and I wanted a way to bring social studies to life,” she said. “And we can do PowerPoints, and we've done them all year, but I wanted them to really embody a character and learn about a certain person in a different way than they've done in the past."
St. Raymond’s will continue the living wax museum Wednesday with a different set of pioneers and trailblazers.