How to cope with allergies this winter

Experts are warning people who suffer from allergies about some of the ways they can be triggered this winter. 
Winter allergies are typically caused by indoor allergens, and experts suggest that it's important to figure out what's causing your symptoms - it could even be your very own Christmas tree. 
"If it's a new tree, there might be some mold related to that. So when people bring that into their homes, that can be a problem," said Dr. Lil Pein, an allergist from the Cleveland Clinic. "If you have an artificial tree, If it's been stored away, that too can have accumulation of mold and, or dust mite allergies."
Health experts also suggest to use a dehumidifier and clean often if you suffer from allergies, especially if you have a pet. They also suggest using allergy-proof covers on mattresses and pillows.