Hunts Point students learn about cryptocurrency

Students from the Bronx are learning about cryptocurrency, and how the online money can be spent just like regular cash or even saved as the value hopefully grows.

Carlos Acevedo is an English teacher who became interested in cryptocurrency, like bitcoin and Zcash. He would tell his students all about it, which got them interested, too.
Acevedo decided to start the Crypto Community Project to teach some of his students how to use the online currency, and how it will one day influence the world.
The students now have their own cryptocurrency, some of which they received through the program.
Most hope to use the currency in their future careers.

The advantage of currencies like bitcoin and Zcash are that they have the possibility of becoming more valuable over time. There is also a risk that the currency can become less valuable.
Acevedo suggests to only use money that you wouldn't be afraid to lose.