HVAC company works hard to keep NYC cool during extreme heat

HVAC company works hard to keep NYC cool during extreme heat

With the recent heat wave, an HVAC company in Brooklyn is working hard to help people keep cool, making sure residents know how to maintain their cooling systems in hot weather.
Temperatures are rising, and so are the calls at Petri Plumbing and Heating.

Staff says the heat wave is taking a toll on cooling units, so they're working hard to get the air working for customers.

"Days like that with the heat wave, it's a good 12,14,15-hour days, you know. I got clients with kids, I got elderly at home with no air conditioning and I got to get them up and running," says Bill Eaton, HVAC service manager.

Technicians say the high temps can cause air conditioning units to be over-worked, which can cause them to fail, so they recommend putting your unit on a higher temperature setting.

"Don't try to over-work your systems, don't run it for long periods of time. If you're not home, don't shut off the unit but raise the temperature. Don't have your units struggle and especially if you're not going home. It'll be a lot faster for 85 degrees to reach 75 degrees than 95 degrees to hit 75 degrees," says Eaton.

Also when residents notice a heat wave approaching, technicians say it's important to prepare systems for the heat ahead of time.

"Call up your professionals, get your equipment serviced, make sure everything's working properly. Keep your system running efficiently. The more due diligence you do on the system, the better off everybody's going to be," says Eaton.