'Illuminate NYC' festival lights up Brooklyn sky for immersive art experience

'Illuminate NYC' set up shop under the Kosciuszko Bridge Friday to put on a light show for New Yorkers across the city. 
The three-day event is an immersive art festival that aims to bring light to life in the borough.
For director and founder Ron Fisher, Illuminate NYC is something he's been dreaming of creating for nearly 10 years.
"It's a dream come true; I think people are still trying to wrap their head around. It's an event they've never been to before," said Fisher. "You can compare it to a festival like Burning Man, you can compare it to the Berlin festival of lights." 
Artists from the area, as well as other countries, helped to create the bright installations.
Guests can also walk into the immersive exhibits that can make one feel like they've stepped foot into another dimension.
While some light tents have music, others are dark, have bright lights and even water for an interactive experience.
"My goal is for people to really be exposed to something they've never been exposed to, to really leave with a sense of wonder and excitement," said Fisher.
The illumination festival will take place nightly until Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. The festival is free and open to everyone.