Immigrant brothers open chocolate factory in Port Morris

Three immigrant brothers from Trinidad and Tobago have opened a new chocolate factory in Port Morris.
Dominic Maloney and his two brothers grew up on a farm, and say they wanted to show the states what chocolate means to them.
They created Sol Cacao, a dairy-free, nut-free, vegan-friendly chocolate with only two ingredients, cacao beans and raw cane sugar.
The whole process takes about a month, but Maloney says all that waiting has given him time to collaborate with neighboring distilleries to come up with some ideas and flavorful concoctions.
He says he also plans on opening a chocolate tasting room at the facility where it is produced.
The main goal, he says, is to inspire.
"We wanted to be an inspiration for people that look like us that come from cocoa-growing regions," Maloney says.