In-person shadow visits make a return at Preston High School in Bronx

This year, in-person shadow visits are back at some Bronx Catholic schools - allowing eighth graders to see what a day in the life of a high school freshman is like before it's their turn.
In-person shadow days are back at Preston High School in Throgs Neck after going remote last year due to the pandemic. Eighth graders get the chance to learn more about the school they are interested in applying to.
Freshman student ambassadors, who didn't get a chance to shadow the school because of COVID, led prospective eighth graders around the all-girls, college-prep, Catholic school step by step for a day in the life.
Students say they're excited to be face to face to get the full feel of the school. For others, a chance to shadow helps dispel some fears about high school and puts them at ease for next year.
For eighth graders who are interested in checking out the school, Preston says they'll continue to have shadow days through the end of the year.