Independent arbitrator: NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn violated staffing ratios in 2022

An independent arbitrator found NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn violated nurse-to-patient staffing ratios during at least 60 shifts in two medical-surgical units last year.
The hospital is now being held financially responsible for not ensuring proper staffing. Health care professionals say this can put nurses and patients at risk. 
"A ratio is established by careful studies that tell you how many hours we have to spend in your care to properly assist you in your recovery," said Anne Goldman, former nurse and head of the Federation of Nurses/UFT. "You don't succeed unless you have the proper nursing staff to follow those outlooks."
NYU Langone Health said in a statement, "Since 2022, we have added 85 more nursing positions than were previously agreed to with UFT. We have hired a total of 226 nurses in the past year and are actively recruiting for 65 more."
Brooklyn residents told News 12 this is a good decision, and that nurses should be taken care of. 
"Nurses are an integral part of the whole health care system, and what they need, they should get," said Emily Heyden, of Bay Ridge.
Goldman also said she and the nurses will stop at nothing to ensure their patients' needs are met and not limited due to a staffing shortage.