NYPD: 2-year-old child in serious condition, neighbors say child fell out of ninth-floor window in the Bronx

The NYPD says a 2-year-old child is in serious condition after neighbors say the child fell nine stories out of a window in the Bronx Friday night.
A woman tells News 12 she heard a mother screaming, “help, my son fell out of the window.!
Neighbors say that woman ran outside to help and stayed with the mother for EMS. When they arrived, the woman said they had to use a bolt cutter to open the fence as the child fell into an enclosed area. 
Neighbors say they watched the child be rushed off in an ambulance. The FDNY tells News 12 they were taken to Harlem Hospital. 
“It's heartbreaking, you know, because I have kids of my own, you know not that young though, they’re all adults. But just to be a parent and to scream out 'Help, my baby fell out the window,'” said neighbor Theresa Marti. 
The NYPD says the child is in serious condition at this time. There is no confirmation if the cause was criminality.
News 12 is told the child is expected to survive.