Jersey City man leaves dog with sitter; now he can’t find either of them

A Jersey City pet owner says that he is living his worst nightmare. Not only is his beloved dog missing, but so is the woman who was supposed to be taking care of him.
Mac the Goldendoodle was last seen Friday morning when owner Diego Chaves left him with a woman he thought was a professional dog sitter. Chaves says that he left the dog with a sitter he knew as “Alyssa” while he and his girlfriend were out of town.
Chaves says that he met “Alyssa” outside of a Jersey City high-rise where she claimed to live.
“In the beginning, everything was great with the sitter. She sent us pictures, gave us updates. And it really took a turn Monday morning,” Chaves says.
He says that he went to pick up Mac Monday morning as scheduled but heard nothing from “Alyssa” for almost 24 hours. That’s when she apparently emailed that Mac was lost, having jumped out of her car.
Chaves posted about the lost dog on social media, and then started to hear horror stories about “Alyssa.”
“After posting on social media, a lot of reached out to me telling me different stories. I can’t tell if they are true. It does seem like she is not telling the truth,” Chaves says.
Reviews posted online seem to indicate that “Alyssa” goes by many different names and pet companies. And she does not live in the Jersey City high-rise she claimed to live in. Other pet owners say that they have had similar incidents happen.
The Jersey City Police Department is now involved.
Chaves says that “Alyssa” did have good reviews on the one website he checked. But he says that he now wishes that he did further research before dropping off Mac.