Joey Chestnut prepares for Fourth of July hot dog eating competition

Champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut says he’s preparing for the Fourth of July hot dog eating competition in Brooklyn - no matter what.
Representatives from Major League Eating say they aren't sure yet whether the beloved chow championship will take place.
“The Fourth of July hot dog contest is the Super Bowl. It’s the Daytona 500. It’s the big contest of the year. If you’re a competitive eater, it’s the one contest everyone recognizes,” says Chestnut. 
This year, Chestnut says he’s training at home in San Jose like he does every year.
Whether it’s an actual contest, a virtual contest, a socially distanced contest or no contest at all, on July 4, he plans to put on a show.
"I hope I am there in Brooklyn, and I hope people can watch, but no matter what I will be eating hot dogs on the 4th and I hope everybody is, and even if there isn't any kind of contest, I will be livestreaming eating at home,” he says.
His says the message for his competition is that he hopes they are staying hungry and motivated.