John F. Kennedy High School campus reopens after explosion

Wednesday was the first day of classes for all New York City public schools, including the John F. Kennedy High School campus, which suffered a gas explosion a few weeks ago
The school was severely damaged after a gas explosion destroyed parts of three floors on Aug. 20. News 12 The Bronx is told that the three people hospitalized after the blast are still recovering.
While there is still scaffolding surrounding the campus, crews have been working around the clock since the explosion to repair damage and put up walls in parts of the school affected by the blast, officials say.
Nearly 3,000 students in seven different schools use the campus.
Two of the schools that were temporarily relocated for their summer program returned today.
One senior says she had to convince her parents to allow her to return to the school. She says even though she is back at the school, it's quite an annoyance now that she has so many changes.
"The fact that not everything is set up on time. Like our schedules are still being changed at this moment because of the different classes that we have to take, and they don't know where the classes are happening," says the student.
School officials have assured parents that the school is safe. They will host a meeting tomorrow and next Thursday for parents.