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Rep. Gottheimer: NYC congestion pricing isn’t sustainable for everyday commuters

The added cost to tolls could be as high as $23 during rush hour.

Isabel Litterst and Lanette Espy

Aug 8, 2023, 4:49 PM

Updated 342 days ago


Existing tolls are already a financial hurdle for many commuters, and an added cost in New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s plan could be devastating for middle class workers, according to Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer.
He condemned the commuter tax for its potential to negatively impact Port Authority capital projects. He rallied New Jersey workers Tuesday morning, saying the price is just not sustainable for everyday commuters. The added cost to tolls could be as high as $23 during rush hour.
If the MTA goes through with the congestion pricing, Gottheimer says 20% of drivers will be priced out of commuting to Manhattan. He says this decrease in traffic will reduce the Port Authority’s capital project’s budget by $1.25 billion over the next decade.
Rob Zafonte, the senior project director of Port Authority NJ/NY, says “The MTA’s financial struggles should not be solved on the backs of the essential workers who continue to get squeezed as a result of the MTA’s mismanagement."
Last week, Gov. Phil Murphy said New Jersey is filing charges against the MTA in hopes of stopping the congestion pricing which could go into effect as soon as May of 2024. RELATED: ‘We will bear the burdens.’ NJ officials announce lawsuit to block congestion pricing plan

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