Judge issues gag order in 'Junior' slaying case

A Bronx mother appeared in court Monday to face some of the men accused of killing her 15-year-old son as a judge issued a gag order in the high-profile case.
Nine of the 14 suspects accused of killing 15-year-old Lesandro ”Junior” Guzman-Feliz were due in court Monday. Only three of the suspects agreed to be present for their hearings. The others waived their right to appear before a judge.
The move didn't sit well with mother Leandra Feliz and the family's supporters, who spent the afternoon waiting to come face to face with the men accused of killing Junior.
The judge also issued a gag order in the case. All 14 suspects and their lawyers along with the prosecution are no longer allowed to talk to the media about the case.
Several suspects are due back in court on May 2. A trial date is expected to be set following the May court appearances.