Kane In Your Corner: How to protect your holiday packages

It can happen in seconds – a porch pirate can spot a package by your front door, grab it and take off.
It’s become one of the fastest growing crimes in America, and 30% of people now say it’s happened to them.
What can you do to protect yourself?
Security cameras may deter some thieves, but they don’t always work.
You can also buy a lockable delivery box, but many consumers complain their delivery people just ignore them.
Experts say there are some easy ways to prevent porch piracy:
Get a post office box.
Have packages delivered to a friend who works from home.
Some companies offer drop-off locations.
The problem with all those options - you have to go get each package.
Amazon will also deliver packages to your garage, or even inside your front door, but that means you have to give them permission to enter your property.
One thing you probably shouldn’t do is try to chase a porch pirate down yourself.
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