Dangerous heat set to impact the Bronx starting Tuesday

Lafayette Estates tenants complain about ongoing heat issues

Tenants in a Soundview high-rise say they rang in the New Year with no heat in their apartments.

News 12 Staff

Jan 3, 2020, 11:59 PM

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Tenants in a Soundview high-rise say they rang in the New Year with no heat in their apartments.
They claim the lack of heat and hot water is a reoccurring problem that seems to be getting worse at Lafayette Estates.
"I actually have six pages of me calling office and security and 311," said Joanne Borne. She claims she has been without heat for the last two days.
This is a constant complaint Sara Wynn hears from families at 880 Boynton Ave. as the tenant association president.
It's an issue Wynn says she is also dealing with in her fifth-floor apartment. The 19-story co-op development boasts some high-profile tenants like Bronx Assemblyman Marco Crespo, who has lived there for more than a decade.
Tenants have complained to the assemblyman that some of the apartments routinely get heat, while others don't. The Soundview building lists a host of heat and hot water complaints on the city's Housing Preservation and Development's website--dating back to the beginning of last year.
HDP tells News 12 that in a recent inspection of 880 Boynton Ave., a total of nine open violations were found in the 226-unit building. It also says that 12 open violations were found at the 820 complex building.
In a statement, the city agency says," The health and safety of New York City renters should be each residential building owner's utmost concern and HPD is committed to holding owners accountable. During winter months, that includes ensuring there is adequate heat and hot water service as is required by law."
The assemblyman is urging fellow neighbors to continue to put the pressure on management by calling 311 and other city agencies to report their heating complaints.
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.'s office said in a statement, "Our office has been working on a tenant case regarding lack of heat in an apartment at 880 Boynton Ave. since November. We will also be reaching out to building management regarding the issue of heat concerns at the development."

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