‘Latino Muslims of NY’ struggling to meet demand of families in need

A Bronx group says it’s struggling to meet the demand of families that need food deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic. 
"Latino Muslims of NY" says it is running out of space to store food donations. 
For years, the group has been providing outreach and distributing food in the community. Since the pandemic, the need has more than doubled. 
Tusha Diaz and the members of the group are making food deliveries every day to families in Wakefield and the surrounding neighborhoods. News 12 was present as Diaz handed out food to families, and her phone kept ringing from other Bronx families in need. 
Diaz relies on donations from local businesses to help provide groceries and meals--hot meals she cooks in her kitchen for homebound neighbors and seniors. 
However, she says it’s getting harder to keep up with the demand from the many families now struggling because of COVID-19. Diaz says she doesn’t have a permanent space to house food donations and other supplies. 
She says the lack of a community pantry in the area is creating hardship for local families. She’s seeking help to expand her services to feed more families. 
“We need a pantry, we need a storage facility, we need a kitchen where we can cook for people in this area to come and eat,” says Diaz. 
She says she’ll continue to put food on the table for families who are dependent on the deliveries during the crisis.