Legionnaires' patient sues Opera House Hotel

A Bronx man who was hospitalized for Legionnaires' disease filed a lawsuit Monday against the Opera House Hotel.
City health officials have blamed the hotel's water cooling tower for the outbreak in the South Bronx.
The lawsuit filed by Leslie Noble, 54, says that he's a healthy person with no underlying medical problems and accuses the hotel of causing his illness.
Noble was working as a security guard in an office building when he says he began feeling symptoms.
He was placed at Mt. Sinai Hospital for a week before being released.
The complaint does not specify how Noble became ill or whether he stayed at the hotel.
It does accuse the hotel of negligence, carelessness and recklessness. It accuses the owner of failing to maintain the cooling towers and overall upkeep on the hotel.
The hotel released a statement dismissing the allegations.
"We expect that some lawyers will attempt to cash in on this unfortunate event, but we have lawyers to handle these matters too," the hotel says.