Lights go down at Pelham Parkway North Christmas home after 46 years

After 46 years, the lights have gone dark on a special house on Pelham Parkway North known for its vibrant Christmas displays and decorations, leaving the community wondering what happened.
If you remember last year, this same house only had its lights up later into the holiday season due to health issues homeowner Gary Garabedian was going through. Now, he says his health problems have worsened, so he only plans to light up the nativity scene, and only during Christmas week.
Garabedian says he and his sister got into a car accident three years ago that left him with no feeling in one of his legs and seven herniated disks. He says his sister also has nine herniated disks.
But because of his religious beliefs, he still wants to do the nativity scene, he just has to test the wires to make sure everything is running smoothly.
Despite being offered help, Garabedian and his family have refused.
"People from Amazon wanted to help us to setup the whole garden and we don't feel like it's us doing it, you know?" he says. "So it's a tradition that we did 46 years and we want to keep it like a family thing."
But Garabedian offered a bit of hope -- he says next year or the year after they will come back bigger and stronger.