'Load of trouble': Department of Sanitation begins new illegal dumping crackdown

The pandemic has prompted an overwhelming amount of illegal dumping across the boroughs. In turn, the Department of Sanitation is starting a program in Brooklyn and the Bronx in hopes of curbing the issue.
"We will hold you accountable. We will fine you; we will take your vehicle and you're going to be in a load of trouble," said Stephen Harbin, chief of cleaning operations.
Sanitation officers conducted 24-hour surveillance over a two-week period in July, concentrating on Cypress Hills, East New York and Brownsville.
"Very happy with the results. We actually impounded 16 vehicles, issued 24 summonses for illegal dumping, 15 summons for littering from a motor vehicle," said Frank Esposito, chief of enforcement.
News 12 cameras went along as the enforcement crew went out to look for culprits. Within minutes, they spotted a man pushing a dolly of mattresses to a pile.
Then there was a tower of trash in an industrial area. Workers say they can still give out fines even with no one in sight.
On top of stern warnings and hefty fines, sanitation officials plan to be out in the communities educating the public on proper disposal.