Local leaders call for NYC to do more after weekend shooting of teen

Local leaders gathered where another teen was shot this past weekend and called for the city to do more to prevent more gun violence.
Community advocate Tony Herbert, along with several other community leaders, called on the mayor to take more action in preventing gun violence.
Brooklyn prosecutors allege that a gang member, who was released without bail in May on an attempted murder charge, recently participated in at least three drive-by shootings after he was released. 
Herbert says this is why he and others are upset. He says the mayor needs to listen to their calls for the past decade to raise the mandatory sentencing penalty for the possession of an illegal firearm to 10 years.
He says it is to keep those causing harm from coming back into the community and causing even more blood to be shed.
Herbert says that change will help reduce violence in the community and keep our neighborhoods safe.
In response to recent violence around the city, Sisters United Against Violence NYC is hosting a march and rally starting at Brooklyn Borough Hall at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 8. 
Community leaders say they hope people will come out and make sure their voices are heard.