Long Island LGBT Chamber of Commerce seeks to give businesses more inclusivity

Long Islanders are hoping to create a more inclusive workplace environment for those who identify as LGBTQ+.
The first-ever Long Island LGBT Chamber of Commerce was formed Tuesday.
The LGBT Network joined forces with two of Long Island's powerhouse business trade groups - The Long Island Association and Hauppauge Industrial Association-Long Island.
The new chamber of commerce will strive for acceptance, diversity and inclusion for all Long Island business owners.
LGBT business owner Kenneth Letavish belongs to other chambers on Long Island and says they don't do much.
"I think they do a great job for big businesses," Letavish says. "We need so much more because we're small."
The LGBT Chamber of Commerce is not just for those with gay business owners. It gives all businesses the chance to show their support towards equality in the workplace by getting a certification from the chamber that they have pro-LGBTQ policies and training programs.