Long Island's Hidden Past: New York State Police

State police on Long Island made a name for themselves by catching a prolific serial killer in 1993.
Kristen Earario, who is assigned to Troop L on Long Island, says state police used to be the only law enforcement agency throughout rural New York. She says they rode on horseback and wore distinct grey uniforms with purple ties and Stetson hats.
The first state police headquarters on Long Island opened in 1980 in Farmingville.
In the summer of 1993, 13 years after the Long Island state police headquarters opened, state troopers attempted to pull over a pickup truck with a missing license plate on the Southern State Parkway.
The truck crashed after a 20-mile chase. The driver turned out to be serial killer Joel Rifkin, who had the body of a woman in his truck.
Troopers say their commitment to serve, defend and protect has not changed with time.
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