Mable Hill business owners oppose plan to add bus lane on Broadway

Mable Hill business owners oppose plan to add bus lane on Broadway

A plan to get buses moving through Marble Hill is being met with opposition from business owners and community board members.
The goal is to get buses moving faster on Broadway, but not everyone is on board with the plan.
For Hussein Dalia, of Riverdale Furniture Inc., he fears the plan will bring his furniture business of 21 years to a standstill.
“If they use this lane here, forget it, we have to close here,” says Dalia.

Earlier this month, the city’s Department of Transportation presented its proposal to speed up buses traveling between West 230th and West 225th streets.
The stretch is named a priority in Mayor Bill de Blasio's Better Buses Action Plan.
The plan is to take away a lane of southbound traffic on Broadway and dedicate it to buses only.

"No, that's not going to be good because you have too much traffic, you got the bridge here, and the buses, the Bx9 bus goes up the hill to Kingsbridge, that's not going to work," says Dalia.

The DOT proposal also removes the option to make a right turn onto Exterior Street when heading north and turns parking spots at the 225th Street intersection into a commercial loading zone during the day, offset by more metered spaces around the corner on 228th Street.
These are all ideas that were unanimously opposed by the Community Board 8 traffic and transportation committee on Sept. 12, according to a source who was at the meeting.

More than 30 business owners on Broadway are also opposing the plan in a petition by the Marble Hill Merchants Association.

"We have so many businesses that depend on the double park or parking spaces, so taking away one lane, would just be a no-go, makes no sense at all," says Orlando Kross, of the Marble Hill Merchants Association.

A DOT spokesperson says in part, “We look forward to continuing our dialogue with the business community, and we are evaluating the comments from the community board and making changes to the design where possible."

News 12 is told the full Community Board 8 will consider the redesign at a meeting scheduled for Oct. 10.