Mamaroneck HS teens launch pilot program to help 4 restaurants go greener

Four restaurants in Larchmont will go greener starting June 1, thanks to three Mamaroneck High School students who initiated an eco-friendly pilot project.
Katie Loga, Marion Karp and Larissa Bertini are in their third years at the high school.
They all take a class called COBRA.
"A unique four-year program at Mamaroneck High School that helps students become civic entrepreneurs that then, in turn, help solve local issues," says Joe Liverti, founder and director of Original Civic Research and Action.
The students opted to target the use of plastics within the restaurant industry.
"When a plastic product begins to break down and these tiny particles end up in our waterways, in our wildlife, in our food and that is how we consume them," says Bertini.
This required research and data.
"Analyzing the resources in this town, what the restaurants were doing and really what local single-use plastic consumption looked like," says Karp.
Loga says they figured out what alternatives there are to single-use plastic, what are the most sustainable and what are the most affordable.
Then it was time to create a proposal and a pitch.
"We presented to them either in-person or Zoom, and we were able to convince them to switch to these alternatives," says Bertini.
They targeted 15 local restaurants. The four that took on the pilot program are Turquoise, The Grange, Apiary, and La Taqueria.
Although the initiative starts on June 1, most have already started using eco-friendly products.
Restaurants will also have an upon request only policy.
"Which means that in takeout orders, customers will only receive condiments and cutlery upon request," says Loga.
Each participating restaurant will also have surveys for customers to take, which will go toward the teens' data and findings.