Mamaroneck residents affected by Hurricane Ida face deadline today

Mamaroneck residents affected by Hurricane Ida last year are facing a deadline to speak up about their losses.
Village of Mamaroneck officials say today is the last day to read through the state's proposed disaster recovery plan and share any comments.
Depending on your situation, grant categories up to $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 and even $3 million can be made available this Spring 2023 to help repair flood damages, reimburse relocation expenses, and develop flood resiliency.
Officials say the feedback may inspire state officials to make changes to the plan. In a post on the village’s Facebook page, officials say “Sharing your comments on losses that were not covered by insurance, FEMA, or even the current version of the GOSR Plan is your opportunity to point out issues, offer alternatives and help decision-makers identify solutions they may not have initially considered.”
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