Man faces multiple surgeries after dog attack

A Bronx man is recovering in the hospital after being viciously attacked by two pit bulls.
Francesco Bove, 62, is now facing the harsh reality of multiple plastic surgeries after he was attacked by two pit bulls Friday morning.
Bove says that he was trying to pet the dogs.
Doctors had to sew one of Bove's ears back on after the dogs ripped it off, and his face is covered with stitches.
He says he was getting out of his car at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to do some work when he saw a woman with two dogs, which he said looked friendly.
As he got closer to them, he says they attacked.
Bove says people ran into the street trying to get the dogs to stop attacking, but they wouldn't. He says that after finally freeing himself from the dogs, he dragged himself inside the church.
Bove says that Father Jonathan of the church tried to help stop the bleeding.
"He saw the blood and everybody, and he saw my ear so he took off his shirt and he put it over my ear," Bove says. "I told him, 'Father, I think I'm going to die,' and he told me, 'Don't give up.'"
The owner of the dogs, 55-year-old Cynthia Oliver, was arrested and charged with eight counts of assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.
Bove is scheduled to undergo surgery on his arms Monday morning.