Manhattan College holds financial literacy day for high school, college students

Budgeting, student loans and credit card debt are not exactly topics teenagers want to talk about.
However, a workshop being offered by Manhattan College is looking to change that with its financial literacy day.
The day was created by two Manhattan College faculty members who researched financial literacy and discovered that wasn't enough is taught about it.
"We feel that we need to start educating students younger on how to pay back their loans and budget properly and not put themselves in complete debt," says Aileen Farrelly, assistant dean at Manhattan College’s School of Business.
On Saturday, Farrelly and Amira Annabi, the assistant professor of finance, hosted a financial literacy day. A four-hour workshop where high school and college students and their parents learned about budgeting, college loans and managing credit card debt.
About 50 people attended, including Manhattan College freshman Mackenzie Latoure.
"We would hear different things and would kind of look to each other be like, ‘oh I didn't know that’ or ‘I knew that, but I didn't think it happened to everybody,’” says Lauture.
While some financial workshops could be boring, Manhattan College’s features games to help students learn.
They also got to hear from current students about managing their money during college and paying off student loans.
"We'd love for more high school students to be involved and parents to come because the results were, people were very pleased," says Farrelly.
Annabi and Farrelly plan to hold their next financial workshop in April. The workshop is free of charge.