Manhattan College radio station back on air five years after shuttering

Five years after being shuttered due to lack of personnel, Manhattan College's student-run radio station WRCM is back on the air thanks to the determination of a team of students.
Sophomore Samantha Walla, leader of the WRCM team, says, "When I went to college, a lot of my friends were doing radio shows and I wanted that sense of community. Radio on a college campus is such an integral part of the student community and to not have that - we felt like there was something missing."
WRCM was a staple of the campus since the 1970s until it was shut down in 2014 due to lack of personnel and interest.
There were obstacles to getting the station back up, including students having to buy equipment themselves and finding a location for the station to call home.
Through crowdfunding and further support, WRCM returned this past January. The students also re-purposed a security guard booth in one of their class buildings to use as their main hub.
The station now plays anything from rap, to rock, to talk shows.
More than 50 students DJ for the Manhattan College radio station, and they hope to expand further in the fall semester.