Manhattan's world-famous Rao's turns to takeout during COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has people and businesses doing things they normally wouldn't, like one of New York's most exclusive restaurants becoming suddenly attainable.
Rao's is a historic spot where getting a reservation is a long shot. It's still not easy -- but for now people have a chance to get their food for takeout.
After one of the employees posted on Instagram that Rao's is offering takeout, his DMs immediately blew up. He says he's answered 3,000 messages.
The restaurant is making about 80 orders per days, not only for people in Manhattan, but for people all over the tristate area.
"We had someone call, he asked me if we can take food and FedEx it to him, so it's nuts," says one employee.
In Rao's fashion, they're offering a prix-fixe, cash only option called Taste of Rao's, including their most famous dishes.
Despite the pandemic, the restaurant known for its character and musical abilities is putting a smile on city residents' faces.