Marine Park family says son's remote learning work keeps getting hacked

A Marine Park family says they believe someone is hacking into their 11-year-old's schoolwork online, deleting it, causing him to fail.
"Many days he would do his assignments two or three times because he would submit them, once we would go back and check, it was completely blank," said Tristian's mother Tamara Collymore.
Tristian Lewis is a sixth grader at I.S. 278.
"I realized there was a serious problem, and I would go back and check his grades and he would have a zero for the grade and I am like wait a second, I actually sat here and watched you complete this assignment - how do you have a zero on the assignment?" said Collymore.
Since September, Tristian's mom and grandmother say they believe his NYC Department of Education account has been hacked.
They say he was kicked off class and unable to get back on.
Tristian's family sent News 12 screenshots of someone claiming to be Tristian, saying they are deleting the sixth grader's work because he is Black and sending vulgar messages in his class chatrooms.
An inquiry was taken to the DOE but the family says they found no evidence of hacking.
The DOE told News 12 they take complaints of hacking seriously and said, "We have multilayered security protections in place to keep our students safe and in any instance where there is evidence of hacking, we take immediate action."
However, the family says school officials are implying they are the ones doing something wrong.
The family says they have had two replacement laptops, sent multiple emails to I.S. 278 and the school chancellor but the problem has persisted and caused Tristian a ton of stress and anxiety.