Masbia Relief aids migrants waiting to check in with immigration field office

Masbia Relief is providing resources for migrants who are waiting outside in line at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office in Lower Manhattan.
The team has been visiting the migrants around 3 a.m. to provide them with hand warmers, blankets, hot food and other assistance.
On any given night, Masbia says they see around 50-150 asylum seekers.
"People are very thankful – and even last night, all they are asking is 'do you have job for me?' People are ready, willing and able to contribute to the American dream," said Alexander Rapoport, the CEO of Masbia.
The migrants are waiting in line with hopes of getting an appointment to meet with immigration officials to apply for asylum.
"This started many months ago but that was the summer…Now it's really frigid and we see mothers with toddlers and children wrapped in many, many blankets," Rapaport said.
Masbia Relief says they will continue to provide the migrants with resources so long as they are needed. To learn how you can get involved, visit About Us - Masbia Relief.