Massive Co-op City wind turbine collapses

A monopole wind turbine in Co-op City collapsed Monday afternoon.
News 12 viewers captured the moment the wind turbine at the corner of Baychester and Bartow avenues began to spin out of control, ultimately snapping off and falling to the street below.
The monopole was set up on Dec. 12.
This is not the first time the wind turbine has been the topic of controversy. Some residents were not happy from day one, when a billboard was installed at the corner of Baychester and Bartow avenues a couple of years ago.
Part of that billboard came down Monday when a piece of the wind turbine next to it broke off and came crashing down.
News 12 learned earlier this month that it was being installed to supply energy to the area, but its massive appearance angered some residents.
Many community members questioned how the developer was allowed to build something so tall. It is also believed that because a theme park called Freedomland used to operate on the property years ago, the zoning laws were never changed.
On Dec. 12, the city's Department of Buildings told News 12 it had received complaints about suspected illegal work on the billboard. They also said an inspector was sent to investigate.
News 12 followed up with the DOB on Monday about the investigation before the wind turbine collapse. DOB tells News 12 the work being done on the billboard was permitted.
After a piece of the turbine broke off and knocked part of the billboard to the ground, News 12 reached out to the DOB regarding the incident. It said inspectors were on-site investigating once again and that it would provide News 12 with further information when it becomes available.
Elected officials are now working together to enact legislation at the state level to stop the building of towering structures in what they say is a residential community.