Mayor Adams announces record number of New Yorkers on CityFHEPS housing vouchers

According to Mayor Adams, the number of people on vouchers being used for permanent housing has been on a steady increase.

News 12 Staff

Jul 11, 2023, 9:27 PM

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Mayor Eric Adams says that “historic progress” has been made moving people from shelters into permanent housing. 
The announcement was made following the lift of the 90-day length-of-stay requirement for New Yorkers in shelters to be eligible for CityFHEPS vouchers.
Adams says that since the length-of-stay requirement was removed, over 500 households that would have had to wait to be eligible for the vouchers instantly became eligible.  
"We have connected a record number of New Yorkers to CityFHEPS vouchers in fiscal year 2023,” said Adams. “… really just focusing on getting people out of shelters and into housing.” 
Jonathan Hines, who was in attendance for Adams’ announcement, reflected on his process in getting housing.  
“I came in the shelter with a 735-credit score, and it was still hard for me to find housing,” said Hines, who said he received his CityFHEPS voucher last year but only was able to find housing one month ago.  
According to Mayor Adams, the number of people on vouchers being used for permanent housing have been on a steady increase, with a 17% jump in placement from shelter to permanent housing through the voucher program year over year.  
While Adams says that the lift on the 90-day rule has been beneficial for New Yorkers, he emphasizes that the need for more affordable housing to be built is still a top priority. 

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