Mayor of Bronx's 'sister city' in Montenegro visits borough

Bronx officials welcomed representatives from the borough's "sister city" in Montenegro on Monday for a celebration of friendship and culture.
Anela Cekic, the mayor of Gusinje, met with Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. The pair signed an agreement bonding the Bronx and Gusinje at Cakor Restaurant in Belmont.
A celebration with food, music and mingling followed the signing, with large flags from each country providing a backdrop to the ceremony.
The aim is to encourage tourism and promote the exchange of cultural ideas between the communities. Gusinje is home to a sizable Albanian population, as is the Bronx.
Diaz and Cekic say the day represents one of friendship between the communities. Cekic says she hopes to see the borough president and Bronx residents in her city as well.