Memorial held to honor Brinks robbery victims

A memorial was held in Nyack for to honor the victims of the Brinks robbery.
Thirty-eight years ago, two Nyack police officers and an armed guard were killed in the robbery on Mountainview Avenue.
The victims included Sgt. Edward Grady, Officer Waverly Chipper Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige.
Paige was killed by robbers as they stole $1.6 million from the armored car outside of Nanuet National Bank back on Oct. 20,1981. The two officers were killed about an hour later at a Thruway roadblock.
Getaway driver Judith Clark was initially sentenced to 75 years in prison until Gov. Andrew Cuomo commuted her sentence in 2016, making her eligible for parole. She finally walked free this past spring.
Her release sparked anger from many, including the law enforcement community.
Arthur Keenan, a retired Nyack detective who survived the shooting, says Clark's release was unjust, and he is suing Gov. Cuomo and the Parole Board.
"Gov. Cuomo chose to go speak with her for an hour at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. And never contacted any of the victims of the crime, and ignored our pleas for a meeting with him, so that's my lawsuit and Dennis Lynch and two lawyers from White Plains are doing this pro bono," says Keenan.
The lawsuit is trying to reverse the Parole Board's decision and put Clark back in prison.