Migrant buses arrive in NYC from Texas; Adams calls Gov. Abbot’s actions ‘un-American’

Nearly 70 migrants arrived in New York City over the weekend on buses from Texas – adding to the thousands who have already arrived, according to Mayor Eric Adams.
Adams says the city welcomes them and will do everything they can to provide them with proper shelter. But he thinks Gov. Greg Abbott is treating the migrants in an inhumane way.
Abbott, who is running for re-election, says he's doing this because the Biden administration has failed to secure the southern border. Texas has been shipping migrants off to Democrat-run cities like Washington, D.C. and now New York, which have the requirement to shelter migrants.
"What was also revealing yesterday is that – there were some who wanted to go to other cities where they have families and they just packed them on a bus without any direction,” said Adams. “I don't think anything is more anti-American than shipping people on a bus, a 45-hour trip, without any of the basic needs they have or direction or coordination."
The mayor said he will be speaking with the White House about the situation. The City Council is also meeting Tuesday morning to discuss long-standing shelter intake issues following the recent increase in asylum seekers.