Morris Heights teen mom graduates with honors

A 16-year-old teen mom from Morris Heights graduated from high school one year early and with honors.
Janira Moore is one of dozens of students who graduated from the Fordham campus of Morris Heights High School, except she did it while having to care for her 15-month-old son, Joshua.
"My school was one of the biggest support systems I had," she says.
Janira gives some of the credit for her success to the Department of Education and the "LYFE" program, which provides free child care to children of moms and dads who are still in high school.
The program has 10 participating locations in the Bronx, and it gave Janira a chance to focus on her education knowing that her son was in good hands.
"I just want them to know they're not alone. They would be able to graduate and go to that next step, and go on to college," she advises other teens.
Janira is attending Brooklyn College in July, where she'll be majoring in accounting.
She hopes to attend graduate school at Fordham University after completing her baccalaureate.