Morris Park BID works to beautify neighborhood, improve infrastructure

The Morris Park Business Improvement District is up and running, working on improving life for community members and store owners, among several other plans.
Patsy's owner John Defonzo says the creation of a BID last year has befitted the neighborhood, specifically with the cleaners who come and tidy up the sidewalks everyday.
That is just one initiative Camelia Tepelus, executive director of the BID, has been working on since taking over the role earlier this year. She says they're working on helping small businesses thrive by beautifying the infrastructure along the main strip of Morris Park Avenue.
Tepelus also wants to bring Link NYC kiosks the the neighborhood. The kiosks are found all over Manhattan and in some Brooklyn neighborhoods.
"If we would have a Link here, people would just pass by and see what's going on, and also get information about the weather, about where the bus is, maybe get a piece of art ... and that would be continuously updated," says Tepelus.
According to Tepelus, a new study conducted by the city found that Morris Park actually has the highest business survival rate across the city. Just this summer, Morris Park welcomed four new businesses, with two more working to open soon.